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Building Blocks in Economic Development in Marion County Florida showcase Commissioner Stan McClain's efforts to bring ihmc to Central Florida.

Steve Hunter MST Ocala 

Stan McClain leads effort to bring ihmc to Marion County.
Florida Council on Arts and Culture member Don Browning selected to decorate old library conversion to new ihmc home using Florida Art from his Icons Collection.

Marion County leaders welcome Admiral Tim Wright and Dr. Ken Ford CEO of  ihmc to new home.  
What is turning out to be a successful "re-purposing" of the old Marion County Library building is to be based on local art by Don Browning.
Artist and political challenger endorses likely new Congressman Ted Yoho.  "Yoho will bring a new prosperity to Marion County.   Our army was over 20,000 strong and it was only a matter of time before Stearns would be forced out."
Cliff Stearns takes a Header off the Fiscal "Cliff".  Cliff Stearns packs up and leaves Washington DC after 24 years of easy living at the expense of the tax payers.  The national debt was $3.5 trillion when he arrived and are now at $16 Trillion when he is finally asked to retire.  Ted Yoho and his team did an excellent job replacing Stearns on his first try.  Joan Stearns will have to scramble to have the same results as liaison to the congressional office when she must deal with other than her husband to get grants for CF College. 

Stearns challenged for the first time in 20 years.
Yoho Wins, Stearns sent to retirement.

Congressional Candidate Don Browning "Tees Up" entrenched congressman Stearns and Ted YOHO hits the Reform Ball out of the park.

Conservatives Reform Changes Local Marion County Politics

New victories in the Marion County Commission Races may bring Ocala out of long trend downward.  Everyone is trying says EDC Marion County co-founder Stephen Hunter.
ihmc is a high tech organization and may receive the support that can propel them to a new level. 

Artist Starts Movement to Reform Stearns long time hold on District 6.


Lake Weir trip by Mrs. Ford delegatio is highlight nof local welcoming reception for ihmc family.

Tallahassee:  Commissioner Stan McClain curates Marion County Art Collection from Florida Department of State exhibit.  Governor Bush devotes entire 3rd floor of the State Capital Rotunda for Marion County Art exhibit by Don Browning.