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 Mimi Lash MST 11/3/15

Congressman Rich Nugent announces that he will not seek reelection.  Speculation is that Don Browning will again step in having given the green light to Nugent in the 2012 congressional race.  After upsetting the long run of Congressman Cliff Stearns, Browning continued to work for congressional reform supporting Ted Yoho, also a Tea Party candidate in upsetting the long term congressman Stearns.  Don Browning has been asked to again step in to the Congressional picture but has not yet decided to run.  "I am studying the situation and will support Congressman Webster if he decides to run for District 11, Browning stated."  "We will know much more in the next few weeks.  Above all we must keep up the pressure to reform Congressional dysfunction, stated Browning."



 Our Openion:

Citizen concern over Marion County concentration of governmental power in a new move shifting government expansion to a private Chamber of Commerce.

Citizens are asking Baxley tough questions about why he appears to be in support of this restrictive expansion of government in Marion County, Rep. Baxley's district.  Now interested in moving to the Senate, Baxley  appears to be drawing opposition because of his unusual stand on stopping private enterprise.  


In 2010 the State of Florida allowed a Government Company to merge with the Ocala Chamber thereby creating the new center of government in Marion County.  A merger of the State of Florida EDC (Economic Development Council, Marion County, the City of Ocala and the Chamber al formed a State of Florida organization that now drives most government in Marion County.  Funded by The State of Florida, the City of Ocala, and the Marion County Board of County Commissioners, the new CEP Chamber Partnership holds an exclusive right to promote and oversee all levels of business in Marion County.  Now shares of this partnership can be sold to area businesses in a "pay to play" scheme that has many businessmen crying foul.


State wide resistance to this new state funded organizational model is centered in Sarasota because of the strong effort to open up sunshine to this type of new government organization.  Court date likely for EDC in Sarasota and this is said to be likely in Marion County as well.

Official Comment:

Rep. Dennis Baxley recently decided to look into the idea of restricted commerce resulting from giving a no competition status to a single company in Ocala.  Funded by the legislature, the Chamber now known as the CEP Chamber is the official lobby source to the legislature on Marion County Day.  In effect the legislature is paying for the organization that comes to Tallahassee to lobby the legislature.  A grand welcome by the legislature and a forum created to show the legislators to the assembled CEP crowd is all purchased and arranged by the legislature.   This new state exclusive arrangment has eleminated private citizens by the bus load in earlier years when Baxley first went to Tallahassee to serve.  Private citizens provided the exhibits, printed the fliers and posters and promoted Discover Marion County along with business promotion via Marion County Chamber of Commerce and the MainStreet Commerce.  Now all have been cast aside in favor of the State selected business, the Ocala Chamber funded by government and the new face of government.

The Marion Sun Times welcomes needed focus on our valuable drinking water aquifers: Citizens express concern about Urban Utility permitted sewer effluent discharge in large amounts in Florida's aquifer.  Just 80 or so meters down the pipe ends and daily 10 million gallons of processed sewer effluent starts its journey from sewer plant to possibly your drinking water.  How will you do ingesting estrogenic hormones and high nitrogen levels?  A fish kill and algae in the springs is a good indication that the increase over the last 20 plus years might just be impacted by the Kanapaha Utility dumping history over the last 20 years.
The Ocala Star Banner The Marion Sun Times, and the Gainesville Sun join in environmentally needed focus on Inflow and Out flow of water in Central Florida.  Springs are our best test point of High Nitrate NO2 and Nitrite NO3 in drinking water.  Because of the high rate of flow underground, introduced nitrates can reach the human population via wells used for human consumption.  Gainesville Utilities may become the recipient of funding under the citizen mandated environmental management incentives currently mandated in Florida.  
Saving our springs is secondary to first saving our underground water aquifers that feed the springs.  Springs are much like a view of a landscape.  The view is not the actual landscape but just a way to see the actual terrain.  20 years ago before the discharge pipes were inserted through the surface into our precious aquifers, our water was clear and clean.  I can remember a clear mostly algae free Silver Springs in the mid 1950's when the Springs Protection precursor photo record was being established.  Now after 20 plus years of Processed Sewer effluent discharge from Gainesville the high nitrate sewer effluent is supporting documented harm to Silver and other nearby springs.  Fragile Springs are only a symptom of the problems introduced when sewer effluent is dumped directly into the groundwater piped approximately 80 feet down in permitted Utility Discharge Points. 
Known as the The Florida Water and Land Conservation Initiative, Amendment 1, many changes are coming to central Florida because of new attention on our Fragile Springs.
50 plus years of efforts to Save Silver Springs has followed a Parallel route along side the Storm Water Drainage system that uses 20+ storm water drain sites in the Ocala area to drain Acid Rain under the City of Ocala through limestone that melts like an Alka Selliser tablet under the city.  Joining with Sewer Effluent from Gainesville Kanapaha waste plant, Silver Springs has struggled to deal with choking algae.  Now a strong news paper focus on the problems is helping to find solutions.  Sinkhole geologic experts point to acid rain piped into CACO3 Calcium Carbonate limestone as a primary cause of sink holes.  Now with more state funding it seems possible to line the underground storm-water dump sites with pipe to protect the land under Ocala as storm water high in nitrates is directed to Silver Springs and the journey to the Atlantic Ocean via Silver River and the Ocklawaha River.
Pioneer environmental reformers at and are encouraged by the new interest in point source sources.  Even Marion County Citizens in the Lake Weir area are experiencing fish kills that many believe are a direct result of Nitrate Discharges into the groundwater just a few miles up stream from Marion County.  
Estrogenic issues that can impact secondary sex characteristics when introduced into the water supply.  The introduction of gender altering estrogenic hormones in a broad spectrum from human waste, into the water supply is raising questions about what is termed a possible Gender Shifting of unwary individuals with out their knowledge or consent.   Warning are surfacing that perhaps there is an effort to shift gender in the population toward Stronger Masculinity for example.
According to expert, Katie McAvoy,  there is currently no inspections; American wastewater treatment plants do not, as a standard, test for estrogen levels or any other PPCP as “treated” water leaves the facility and re-enters the environment.  See "Estrogen in Waste Water". 

"The synergistic effects of exposure to natural estrogens compounded with manmade estrogenic chemicals is being observed worldwide in many species (Environmental Estrogens Differ from Natural Hormones, 2). The most pronounced effect is occurring with aquatic species that make their homes in waters with elevated levels of estrogen and PPCP's. These generally occur downstream from wastewater treatment plants. Fish in these areas worldwide are being feminized. 

In 2004, Vicki Blazer, a fish pathologist with the USGS, discovered inter-sex fish exhibiting both male and female characteristics in the Potomac River. Seven of 13 male bass tested positive for feminine characteristics; six of seven tested positive for the protein vitellogenin which starts egg production; three of six were actually carrying eggs (“Potomac ‘intersex’ fish worry scientists,” 1). This occurred down- stream from a sewage treatment plant (STP). Similar findings have been reported downstream from STPs in Las Vegas, Minneapolis (Townsend, 4), Boulder (Costello, 1), and the UK (Daughton, 16). A study at the Department of Energy’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in 2003 indicates that when adult male fish are exposed to short term low concentrations of a synthetic estrogen, their fertili- ty can drop as much as 50 percent (“Short-term exposure to estrogen cuts fish fertility,” 1). This is significant because the 10 nanogram-per liter (ng/L) level used has been found in some surface waters. 

The drop in male fertility may not only be affecting aquatic life. In the UK a research study at Brunel University has linked a decline in male sperm count to low levels of birth control hormones in the envi- ronment (Daughton, 16). This decline is documented also by Niels Skakkcback, a Danish endocrinologist, who is considered a leading authority on the effects of estrogen levels in water. In 1991, he report- ed that due to exaggerated exposure to estrogen-like substances, men are exhibiting 50 percent lowered sperm counts and reduction in size of reproductive organs. In 2005, 100 scientists from fifteen European countries signed a report documenting concern for reproductive disorders in European males which called for a reduction of chemicals being released from sewage treatment plants into water- ways and an acceleration of research (Schabath, 2). 

Women are at no less risk in terms of escalating exposure to estrogen. As noted, synthetic estrogens are resistant to breakdown, entering water supplies and becoming stored in fatty tissue areas. Long Island has the highest incidence of breast cancer in the US and it is linked to estrogen mimics which were used in farming practices before regulation of the products and urbanization of the island ( Estro- gen overexposure can cause other cancers and endometriosis. Fetuses exposed to “high” levels of estrogen have higher incidence of birth defects and males show female tendencies (Pharmaceuticals in Our Water Supplies, 2). Ironically, while research and technology search for treatment for infertility and breast cancer, our own pharmaceuticals and innovations may be contributing factors. 


Currently, American wastewater treatment plants do not, as a standard, test for estrogen levels or any other PPCP as “treated” water leaves the facility and re-enters the environment (“Drug Flush-Lake Mead,” 1). There is no established maximum contaminant level to address and estrogenic chemicals and other PPCPs are not classified as hazardous waste. Yet there is increasing evidence that they pose a mounting environmental health risk. The Journal of the American Medical Association (July 2005), stated that there is “accumulating evidence” that the wide use of chemicals may have a hormonal affect on the body and long-term health risks (Schabath, 2). 

There are many tactics which could be employed to control our exposure to estrogen. They can be broken down into consumer education, government regulation, medical innovation, proper dis- posal, and effective filtration in wastewater treatment facilities. These approaches would focus on limiting the introduction of estrogenic chemicals into the environment and efficient removal of those introduced. "
Current focus by the Marion Sun Times and the Ocala Star Banner are bring to light the issues caused by utility dumping and the channeling of lawn and other surface contaminates into the shallow drains under Ocala Florida.  The Ocala Sun Times focus is more on a non point source contamination that is generally focused back on urbanization and the concentrations of populations in urban areas while the focus of and the is more directly focused on the solutions that may come from the Florida mandated land and water spending that will come as a result of the constitutional mandate to protect Florida's Land and Water. 
The push toward contaminations in our drinking water is easily viewed as a result of efforts to stop dumping in urban centers.  Rural waste treatment is doing quite well as an outstanding way to nitrofication and de-nitrofication.  Solutions is the key to fixing these longstanding urban problems.
Hopefully the fish kill on Lake Weir can act as a wakeup call to all of Central Florida. 

 Mimi Lash MST 10715


Help educate old line political Environmentalist flying the H T Odum and Dr. Scienceman banner.  Help them see the value of keeping the Floridan Aquifer clean.  We ask them to let us spend our Amendment 1 funds to solve their discharge problem.

We can use Amendment 1 funds to dispose of the processed sewer effluent on to spray fields allowing nitrofication and denitrofication.  Nature can deal with the sewer effluent if air and sunlight can reach the NO2 and No3.

Amendment 1

Great chance to add spray field land to handle Utilities.  Shallow drainage pipes drain problematic stormwater and processed sewer effluent.  Orlando produces 201 Million Gallons daily of processed and 50 million gallons must be discharged in questionable shallow drainage wells.  We could buy land and create more spray fields to solve this problem.

Kanapaha Utility Plant of Gainesville Utilities also has not enough space to discharge its processed sewer effluent.  They have drilled down just 80 yards approximately and then discharge the Estrogenic waste sewer water into the Floridan Aquifer.  Amendment 1 is a great chance to help these city utilities cope with their processed sewer waste water. 

Buying land to filter City Utilities across Florida will help the urban citizens of Florida.  Because the Aquifers must be kept clean they should not be used to discharge sewer effluent.  This is not "beneficial recharge".

We now have funds under Amendment 1 and we know how to Solve the University of Florida home town Gainesville Sewer discharge problem.  Every flush on UF campus goes into the Aquifer as a part of the 10 million gallons daily that is dumped.  Call Governor Scott and your legislator.  We can help Gainesville do the right thing, and actually pay for the solution. 

Mimi Lash 4/12/14 MST
Just in: Springs Run, overall women's victor, Katarina Dobkowski. 
We have followed Marion County's own, Katarina Dobkowski
around the state of Florida as she enjoys a leadership role
in the cross county running community. 
Katarina joins an historic young Tim Tebow legacy as representing the Home School youth of Florida.

The Marion Sun Times selection of 5 K track excellence award winner again wins. 

Not just her 12 year old group category, but Katarina again wins women's

overall, all age groups. 


Congratulations Katarina Dobkowski 


Springs Run overall Women's Champion

                    Katarina Dobkowsk

The 2013 2014 Marion County Athlete MST Cross Country Award Winner again showed her dominance in women's 5 K racing.  12 years old, Katerina, (the Rocket) won over all first place out pacing all women in the race.

Katarina was the Marion Sun Times female 5 K Athlete of the year for her quality of character, and brilliance in training and performance.  Kat, the Rocket, wins often in her category of 12 years women, but more impressively wins the over all women's title.  Congratulations Katarina! 

Marion Sun Times News Alert:  

Longtime Belleview Official and a Passenger Sunday Plane Crash.  Just in: 

Local Aviator Dennis Monroe and a passenger Joseph Sardinas were involved in a single aircraft fatal incident while filming a movie in South Marion County.  News alert learned that apparently the longtime Marion County Aviator and public official was involved in a aircraft crash today in South Marion County.  More details as they come in.  Arrangements to be held at Hires-Baxley Funeral Services.

Mimi Lash Reporting 4/6/14 

The Village Gateway Center to become the Marion County Utilities Center.

Find your place in the economic expansion of The Villages and surrounding counties.
Centered near the booming Orlando and Tampa markets, Marion County is home to The Villages along with Lake and Sumpter Counties. 
Visit MainStreetChamber to understand how you can enter the economic fun and games. 

Consider Central Florida
Enterprise Florida will help!

Mazda Technology Formula 2000 Powers Skip Barber Racing

Headlines:  Marion County TDC Don Browning Exercises Mazda 6 at Sebring International

Marion county considered the perfect venue for a new state of the art race course. 

John Doonan Dir. Mazda Motor Sports

Teams with Governor Rick Scott and Visit Florida 

Marion County Race Opportunity in the Works.
Browning about to launch in Barber 2000 Formula

Today's Opportunity Specials

Governor Rick Scott and Visit Florida are a sensation at Le Mans France.
Mazda's presence at Sebring as corporate sponsor of Skip Barber Racing is key to Florida's Masters Population.
Tradition is everything® Browning Brothers Racing spokesman Ray Melenson promotes Viva La Florida Branding and Viva Florida

Race and Acro experts discuss a world class Race Track in Marion County.

Visit Florida is competing in the Famed Le Mans 24 Hours sportscar endurance race.  Governor Scott visits track to promote Florida Racing.

Marion County Racing Interest in Florida Gold Zone EDC/TDC Marion County have introduced World Class Track hopes for Marion County.  Estimated at 300 acres and over $100,000,000 facility Marion County leaders in the Gold Zone near The Villages are extremely excited about the possibilities. 

Want to participate in Florida Business Expansion?  Marion County and The Villages are ready for you!

Come do business in Marion County.  Near The Villages, near Ocala, South Belleview!

Corp. Headquarters or Prime Banking Property.

Call Don Browning at 352 233 7990 

Marion County Again Hosts Championship Regatta
Charlie Lemond from Chicago and Professor Jay Levy of Indianapolis again win the US National Harpoon Sailing Championship. Again Sailing out of TeamPier Browning, the dynamic duo came from behind to sweep the field.
Charlie and Jay edged out last year's winners with a strong close on the final leg of the Championship.  Team Jamaica sailing out of TeamPier Simms, arrived at a critical mark on port tack and were unable to get around without a penalty 720 degree turn incurred.
Sportsmanship prevailed as the Jamaica Team showered congratulations on the winning team as soon as they reached shore.  Excellent Sailing Weather again brought a pledge of return for next years event. 

Charlie Lemond and Jay Levy win Championship!
Final Race first place brought the Crown!

Steve Hunter-MarionSunTimes Reporting 
 A New Chamber is Coming to Town!
MainStreet Chamber Marion County
This reporter met an energetic crowd in Ocala Saturday.
Determined to encourage economic prosperity, the folks at the SpringFest
really know how to promote small business.  

 There is room for improvement in the way Ocala Officials are picking winners and losers when it comes to Economic Development.  Some favorites receive Hundreds of Thousands in Tax Payer funds, while other companies struggle with regulation such as signs for only a few hours directing traffic to an important event like SpringFest.  Small Business succeeded despite challenges to promote and showcase Marion County's participating businesses.  EDC Marion and the Marion County Chamber salute the new New Chamber who has come to town.  Ocala Officials can get on board to avoid missing the train all together.
Despite city fathers taking down the helpful signs pointing the way to the wonderful event, many SpringsFest goers were mostly able to find the festivities.  First do no harm would be a great new mantra for Ocala Officials.  Encourge new economic promotional efforts by helping rather than hindering events like MainStreet Chamber's SpringFest.
City Officials reportedly order signs taken down showing the way to SpringFest 
Apparently, Ocala Mayor Kent Guinn has some problematic behavior to explain. The Ocala City displayed an eagerness to block directions to SpringFest.  What part of "promotion of Small Business" don't they understand?  Insisting signs are not allowed the Mayor seems to have stumbled on sign removal.  In discussions at SpringFest, many persons remembered the Mayor's election signs up for weeks in the city and wondered why SpringFest Signs were taken down with only hours of SpringFest promotion remained.

Headlines proclaim Florida's leading growth market is Marion County's own Villages.

The Villages economic boom is now helped by the EDC Marion Center located about 7 miles north on highway 441.

Don Browning, director of EDC and TDC partnership Marion County is proud owner of the newest EDC effort in Marion County. 





Old News:  Marion County's Ocala has a new Congressman.  Ted Yoho is making a difference daily.

It will take time to correct the Budget and other problems created over the past 24 years, however a journey of a 1000 miles begins with a single step and Ted Yoho is sprinting toward meaningful Congressional Reform. 


Stephen Hunter 15:30 12/27/12
After CREWS corruption award what is left for Fiscal Cliff Stearns and wife Joan?  

CREW Files Public Records Requests with Three Florida Agencies Regarding Rep. Stearns

About the Corruption Report   More... 2012


































Congressman Ted Yoho meets with citizens to keep them up to date on activities in Congress.

Traveling across much of Marion County Ted was welcomed by an Ocala crowd who thanked him for helping to shake up current leadership in congress.


Congressman Ted Yoho helps boost local economy.  EDC Marion County bank building to become a hub of economic activity.

Contact Don Browning at 352 233 7990 for details. 







Cliff Stearns' fall from grace takes him out of the news.

Congressman Ted Yoho helps lead the charge for Congressional reform.

See Sky Radio interview with Chip the "Celeb" of Drive by fame. 


Lake Weir Yacht Club and Gold Sponsor Gator Joe's Light up Marion County.  The Villages come out in droves.  Merry Christmas everyone!

Florida's Archery world is watching strong competition from students at Rick's Central Florida Archery.

Central Florida Archery Ubi O. again wins Gold.
Three D Archery opportunity.
Long target range up to 80 yards.
Champion archers meet at Broken Arrow Club near The Villages. 

Central Florida Archery is located at 1485 E Orange Blossom Trail, (441) in Apopka Florida
Phone 407 325-7408

Marion County Commissioners may consider to continue to promote Ocala over other Marion County interest.  Ocala selected as the key to tourist success dispite The Villages inroads. 

Marion Sun Times family of enterprises operate entirely on donations.  Yes, we are a bit "ragtag", and resemble the patriots more than the redcoats and we are proud of it.  We exist to challenge the chosen few who receive special recognition and hand outs from government.  We watch the cycle of Positive "news stories, Funding by Government to the subjects, and the placement of lucrative ads in the news organization that was the subject of the positive "News" Coverage.  Smaller government and less public information spin is a short range goal of ours.

 Adena Springs Geologist, Dr. William Dunn, is the latest to call out HT Odum student Dr. Bob Knight, consultant to Sewer Plant discharge to aquifer by his client, Kanapaha GRU plant, for possible "scientific honesty" issues in public comments about pollution of Silver and Rainbow Springs.  Critical of Frank Stronach and his state of the art Adena Ranch, Bob Knight may have met his match as citizens voice criticism of Knight's many studies


Gainesville Utilities Kanapaha Sewer Effluent currently going into the Floridan Aquifer at well depths may not be clean enough for agriculture use according to State Ag Officials.

Raising beef or even the grass to feed beef may not be appropriate because laws prevent use for human consumption.  Long time Marion County Commissioner asked if the Alachua effluent should be going into our drinking water.  "Marion County and our springs are down stream from the Kanapaha Sewer Plant, perhaps we should look into the 10,000,000 gallons that is being put in our drinking water aquifer."

Kanapaha water not good enough for Cows, but good enough for human drinking water blending daily.  Agriculture Officials and FDEP Officials asked to look into this problem coming from the Kanapaha Plant. 


Stephen Hunter, Ocala MST 08/22/12

Adena Springs Cattle Management Team Embraced by Marion County Community

Endorsed by Marion Me . com, Ocala Best.comBillion  Silver Springs Working Group and Springs Protection  Fix Storm WaterDiscover Marion County.

The new Agriculture program in north central Marion County is a success, at least in the minds of many who welcomed the team to a major economic event in Marion County today.

Trust but verify was the message to the Adena Springs Team received, as the local folks appeared happy for the enterprise to be a part of our community.

The room was packed and most speakers from the audience expressed thanks for the quality and sophistication of the newest farm project by the Adena Cattle group.

Florida is one of the national leaders, in most retired citizens memory.  Cowboys and Cattle make up the one of the best components of American history.

Let's light this candle, was the feeling, but let's be careful of the environment.  

The Adena Team is as sophisticated as they come commented one audience member.

Stay tuned for jobs, and new quality geologic/environmental expertise in town.  

Cities and counties can use experts from the private sector like the Adena Team, in tackling their environmental challenges.

 Gainesville, has long been embarrassed by discussions of their 10 million gallons daily discharge into the drinking water aquifer, of processed sewer effluent will be able to gain from the Adena Springs Team expertise.

 We are here to operate a quality cattle operation, but we also are pledged to help our community all we possibly can, was the message from the team. 



Ted Yoho stuns an over confident Congressman "Cliffi Stearns", handing him a stunning defeat ! 
Congressman "in the making", Ted Yoho Sends Stearns Packing!
After 24 years and an increase of $12,000,000,000,000 in national debt, America is free of Congressman Stearns.
Ted Yoho connects with the voters and will go to Congress and begin the long road back from insanity.  

Stephen Hunter Marion Sun Times 06/18/12

See Video Internet Cafe Robbery, Elderly Man Saves Patrons of Business During Robbery
Marion County has hero.  During Robbery at the Palms Internet Cafe, an elderly man fears for his life and the lives of those around him.  He stops the robbers and prevents harm to others and himself as event unfolds.  Not sure how many robbers there are, and braving possible cover fire by thugs, man steps forward and protects others exposing himself to possible death.
Masked robbers are identified as Duwane Henderson and Davis Dawkins enter Cafe waving a hand gun and what appears to be a baseball Bat.  According to Marion County Sheriff officials the robbers were arrested and currently remain in the Marion County Jail.
Already anti gun media is advancing the idea that perhaps Mr. Williams might be charged for saving his own life and the lives of those with him during the robbery of the cafe.
Surly in shock after the trama of the robbery and shooting the robbers, Mr. Williams is declared a hero by the community. 

TEA PARTY Supported Reform Candidate Don Browning
Browning did ground work to oust Stearns. 2010 campaign was the beginning of the end of Stearns'.

Tea Party Launches Congressional Reform in 2010 

Ocala and Gainesville Tea Party opens the door to National Debt Reform by backing Don Browning in the First Challenge of the Stearns Machine in 20 years.  The Door to Reform opened by the Tea Party Action.  


Cliff Stearns is now a Lame Duck, and has his hands on Millions.  How Stearns will try to get his millions of war-chest funds is being studied closely by the tax payers and media.

There is usually a good reason why a congressman does not spend heavily on the final campaign.  Usually the funds can be accessed by developing an educational organization.  A ploy that has been suggested is played by ex-congressmen is for them to develop a tax exempt foundation and drain it of funds.

Family friends and the congressman travels, and is paid to administer the funds with 5% payoff annually.   

Earl Arnett Wins Republican Primary in Marion County Race.

David Moore breaks the long "insider" reign of Mike Amsden in his stunning win of the Republican Primary, Marion County Florida.

 Steve Hunter, Ocala MST

Marion Sun Times endorses David Moore Candidate for Marion County Commission Seat - 1 

Popular response overwhelmingly positive for Commission Candidate David Moore  -  Political crowd cheered support for Moore, at a recent Ocala candidate forum political debate with Mike Amsted.  David Moore won praise for his plan to solve problems in Marion County Government.  More honesty, less spin, and solid management of the many opportunities facing Marion County's citizens.  Moore pledged that his vision of government doesn't include Public information spin spokesmen.  "I will speak directly with the people" declared the outgoing candidate David Moore.  Over a million dollars annually is spent "spinning propaganda" that is labled "Public Information".  "All government will be Public when I am in office", said Moore.

 Well educated and qualified to address the important issues facing Marion County, David Moore takes on the effort to rescue "We the People" from economic problems. 

 Media Reports:

South Marion Citizen  

County District 1 candidate: David Moore

 David Moore has formally announced his candidacy for County Commission District 1 seat.

Moore, a Republican, is challenging incumbent Mike Amsden.
In his announcement, Moore described his campaign for office and his vision to see a return to government that is "of, by, and for 'We the People.’"
"I am one of you. One of 'We the People,’" said Moore. "I believe that my life experiences, professional expertise, abilities, skills, consistent and principled philosophy, and understanding of the issues uniquely qualify me to be an authentic representative of all the people of Marion County and positions me as the best candidate for the Marion County Commission. We need new, fresh, bold, and principled leaders who have the courage and conviction to recommit and adhere to those conservative principles that made our community great.”
He further stated, “As county commissioner, I will work to encourage job growth here in Marion County by working to remove governmental road blocks such as heavy taxation and unnecessary regulation. It is not the government that best creates jobs – it is the private sector. In addition, we need to support the services here in Marion County that help make this the best place in the world to live. We need to support our hospitals, fire and rescue workers, police and sheriff, and county staff.

Moore has been in the finance field for the past 14 years. He has a Bachelors Degree in Business along with a Master of Divinity from Luther Rice University. He is also scheduled to complete a Masters Degree in Leadership from Luther Rice University in May of this year. He and his wife Loida have a one son who attends a local, public elementary school in Marion County. He and his family are active members of Trinity Baptist Church. 


David Moore selected Ocala Best's Candidate Endorsement 


My Ocala  calls Marion County Commission Candidate David Moore, "the right man for the job, honesty, intelligence, education, experience and a plan to reform Marion County Government, and allow for an improved quallity of life in Marion County".   "Government is most often the problem and not the answer", said Moore as he explains that he will represent We the People, and not represent government.  

Opportunity Section 
USA National Wake Surf Championships !  See the Action.


Belleview's New Corner Market -  Stop by and see what all the excitement and adventure is about. 

 Local Leaders Question the practice developed in recent years, of discharging high nutrient loads into the Aquifer by local utilities feeding Silver Springs.  "Above ground sewer piping to our springs would be less hazzardous to our drinking water", many say.
"Back in the old days, we didn't have drainage wells nor did we allow sewer facilities to discharge their effluent directly to our springs via the underground river system."  Team ConservationSprings Protection Director Stephne Hunter. 
Senator Bob Graham spoke of memories at the Silver Springs Speak Up for Cleaner Water political rally in Ocala recently.  Back when Bob and the rest of us were kids, 50-60 years ago Sanford, Ocala, Palatka, Gainesville, and Jacksonville routinely dumped raw sewage into the St Johns River and other near by water bodies.  Ocala's many drainage wells were just coming on line.  Gainesville's Kanapaha sewer plant was still years away from its present sewer effluent discharge program.  Treated Sewer waste water from government utilities like Gainesville Kanapaha sewer plant is still the largest contributor of partially treated sewage to our fresh water treasures. 
Kanapaha Sub Aqueous Diffuser Discharge new Tech.
Sub drains like Ocala and Gainesville did not exist because surface drains were raw discharge.
Jacksonville Florida is know as having discharged untreated sewage directly into the St Johns River.  Today much has changed.  No longer is raw sewage discharged even in sub aqueous diffusion discharge points.  The problem is that our memory doesn't serve us very well.
Back in the Bob Graham memory days most sewage was discharged to the rivers, and Kanapaha discharge to the aquifer was just beginning.  Dumping into the creeks and rivers was normal practice so the aquifer was pretty much clean.  In this area, Kanapahaw sewage and Ocala Drainage wells storm sewer discharge is a cheap sub aqueous nitrate source of nitrates. 
St Johns lists 32 million pounds of nutrient pollution mostly from City Sewer Facilities.

Florida Department of Agriculture Holds Meeting
Agricultural Water Policy Council asked to consider wasted water at Gainesville Sewer Plant

Discuss sources of water and economic consequences.
Excess water at Kanapaha Sewer Plant servicing the University of Florida must be discarded daily at the rate of 10 million gallons daily.
Processed sewer effluent is a big problem and Gainesville dumps millions of gallons daily as an old Bad Management Practice. 
Marion County environmental expert Don Browning asks the difficult questions:  
Why do we waste 10 million gallons of nutrient loaded Processed Sewer Effluent daily when we have a water shortage?
Waste not want not, is the old addage, added to the Funding problems facing tax payers spent annually to the army of "Environmentalist EMergy" experts making an outstanding living studing the problem caused by the dumping of processed sewer waste.
Blaming the farmer for Gainesville Utility waste is getting old. Click here for the rest of the story.

Gainesville may have to stop discharging processed sewage to drinking water.

Governor Scott helps his Florida achieve healthy economic goals.  Agriculture is an important part of the economic effort.
Practice of sending 100% of pure spring water to the oceans is questioned by Springs Protection Director.
10% of Rainbow and Silver Springs water is ordered to be used to recharge the aquifer.
We have been asking for too long, now it is time to contact legislators in an effort to replenish the aquifer with water that would otherwise go to the ocean and gulf. 
Cowboys raise beef, fishermen harvest shellfish and fish.  Right now 100% of our Silver and Rainbow Springs water is going to the Fishermen, we say at least 10% must go to the Cowboys.
Adena Cattle Ranch must be allowed 10 million gallons and paid to use it on their pastures.  That would keep the Processed Sewer Effluent out of our drinking water and rebulld the aquifer with clean spring water. 
Product line 1
Product line 2

Breaking Story: Weirsdale Mimi Lash,

  Visit POW WOW Story! The next Pow Wow will be out at Chambers Farm in Ft McCoy.
Be there for a great time.

Pow Wow 2012
Native American bows arrows and Atatl with darts, see Cree for details.

Sunset Harbor Rookery recovery effort is well into its 14th year.  FWC, DEP, and the Marion County Board of County Commissioners all linked with the Marion County Sheriff's department to save the Herons on Lake Weir Rookery 606121.

Bellow is the Cornell Lab of Ornithology live streaming cam of a nesting pair of Great Blue Herons.  For years we have worked to solve the problem of live streaming without Internet DSL or electricity at the rookery.

Viewing the Cornell live Streaming Web is the next best thing to seeing our own colonial nests in real time.  Please support the Cornell Birding effort with your resources.  These are the most authentic group I have ever found in the world of birding. Don Browning 


 2012 Pow Wow in Weirsdale Florida.  Stay tuned for for more information on Native American Pow Wow!


One of the Best Visit Destinations in Florida is the Bear Archery ProShop and the McPherson Archery ProShop both in Central Florida.

 Don Browning Archery presents Fun at the Range.  See Archery in Central Florida in The Marion Sun Times and The Villages News.

Kaye Stevens passed away on December 28th  More

Ocala Star Banner  Purchased by Halifax Media Group.  

Marion Sun Times Editors take time to enjoy and gloat a bit, about the great accomplishment of winning the great Marion County competition with the New York Times Star Banner.  Kind of a intellectual great Sumo Match for the right to send the message out to the people of Central Florida.  Actually, there appears to be a beneficial shift in editorial content since the change in ownership.  

Thanks to everyone who encouraged the "great Electron Slinger" Don Browning and his creation The Marion Sun Times.   Don tilted against impossible odds, as he competed in the on line world with the New York Times in order to raise the bar of intellectual thought to normal community standards.  Perhaps the Star Banner had to play the game dictated by its New York Times owners.  Now we as a community, have a chance to open the flood gates of commerce and fair balanced logical reasoned reporting.  We celebrate the start of a new day.  Marion County is now opening to a new era of prosperity.  Ocala get ready for prosperity.  

We now can leap into active profitable commerce.  Let's get ready to rock!  Even in our hour of celebration we extend a helping hand to the employees of the Star Banner to come join us at the Marion Sun Times as we throw a life line.  News stories appear to be more balanced and likely to help the community prosper.



Vist Grand Oaks.  Voted a Best Florida Visit must see award.


The Gross National Debt

Economic Action Leader of the Year, Jimmy Leeward

Developer of the CP-35, Sunshine Lane Industrial Parks, and the Leeward Air Ranch

Among many other Economic Development Promotions.  

Without Jimmy Leeward, tourism, and Economic Development would never be the same in Central Florida.

Aircraft arrive from around the country, multiple times each year to visit Marion County and Visit the Leeward Air Ranch. 

 Albright makes it to 80, Who would have thunk!

80 years of good works is a heck of a legacy.  

George Albright Jr. gathered with with the community, at the Historic Lake Weir Yacht Club to celebrate life with wife Aggie of 38 years family and friends.

Famous Aviator Of the Leeward Air Ranch Racing Team, Jimmy Leeward dies in Racing Crash at Reno 3 Killed

By Andy Cowper and Don Browning, Marion Sun Times


RENO, Nev. First responders cleared the scene of a horrific Racing Crash during Friday's qualifiers of the Reno Air Races in Sparks Nevada, Stead Field.

Known internationally as one of the world's most talented aviators, Jimmy Leeward was killed in the third lap of an early heat competing for the World Air Racing Title.

Flying in his P51 Mustang WWII vintage fighter, modified to race Jimmy apparently experienced control failure as images show the Trim Tab trailing in a particularly detached position.

The NTSB Federal Investigators are examing the scene hoping to determine the cause of the failure.  Three people including pilot Jim Leeward were killed in the acident with scores injured.

According to aviators with time piloting the North American Aviation P51, at high speeds the wind load to the controls was considerable and any failure of a control surface is likely to cause considerable disruption to flight controls.

Known as a person of the highest integrity on the ground and in the air, Jim Leeward was the consummate Aviator who very likely struggled in the final moments of the flight to keep the aircraft away from the spectator stands.

Eye witnesses are reporting that as the aircraft came around the left turning course, the P51 seemed to climb and roll with a trend to the right and the grandstands.   Photographs from AP show the Trim Tab partially detached and the aircraft pitching, rolling, and diving.  It appears that Jimmy Leewards final act was to avoid the spectators.  The release of energy was so great upon impact that many persons were struck by debris.

Reports are streaming in and the story will unfold as facts are determined.  

Known in Central Florida as a developer, auto racer in IMSA tracks, community leader and Aviator to the world Jimmy founded the Leeward Air Ranch in Marion County Florida near Belleview.  


Just in:
Marion County companies refuse to add to National Debt.
Ted Yoho kicks off his Campaign for District 6 US Congress to the cheers of a packed house!  
Voters come out in droves to support Ted Yoho!
Cliff Stearns leaves Ocala after years of support. Banks have been his biggest financial supporter.  It remains to be seen if Stearns leaves the millions he has amassed durning his stay in Washington DC.

Editor: Muriel Lash: All Rights Reserved, © 2011

State Representative Charles Van Zant 
Florida House of Representatives, District 21 Marion County At the Home of
Doctors Riadh & Manal Fakhoury hold reception for Charles Van Zant


IHMC is making very special waves in Marion County with its Afternoon Lecture Program.

 View Art sponsored by Don Browning, meet scientific speakers and visit with central Florida's community leaders

Just In:  Ted Yoho kicks off his Congressional Campaign.  By the looks of the voters crowding in to support Cliff Stearn is about to retire on the borrowed funds allowed for his retirement.

Marion County Commission decided the Moody Transportation Permit issue today.  The vote was Five to Zero in favor the permit resulting in a new business and hiring employees.  The process was healthy and water information was discussed for all to hear.  
Many were supprised to hear that 1 billion in fresh water is sent to the Ocean daily.  Saving just 10% of that fresh water for recharge now done by processed sewer effluent injected into the drinking water aquifer just up stream from Marion County is a new concept for many in Marion County.

Follow Governor Rick Scott's efforts to reform
Water Districts across Florida.

Florida Senate confirms Governor's Appointment.
Herschel Vinyard Jr. Governor Rick Scott's choice as DEP Secretary.

Crowd agrees with Tax Watch Florida, Governor Rick Scott is a man of his word.  Scott promised the voters he would cut wasteful spending and he has delivered.  Rick Scott announced his budget down the road and across Lake Eustis to the Tri County Tea Party and now he signs the successful budget in the Villages.  Governor Scott draw wild applause with references to slashing millions for rainwater, and millions cut from Alligator marketing.  Help from newly appointed DEP Secretary Herschel Vineyard, is finding waste in agencies and water districts.  Senator Alan Hays agreed with the cuts and drew a roaring approval from the crowd with references to how the Legislature had helped make the jobs budget a reality.
 Senator Alan Hays Sets the Villages Stage for Governor Rick Scott
Governor Rick Scott signs Jobs Budget in the Villages.   
Senator Alan Hays known as the "Bull Dog" for agressive help in his pitival Senate Budget Committee was joined by Representative Marlene O'Toole.
Marline gave the Legislative effort a "B" but promissed the Central Florida Crowd that an "A" rating will be next. 

Just in:  Herman Cain makes historic stop in Villages, Marion County Florida.  Marion County Commission Chairman Stan McClain welcomed Presidential hopeful Herman Cain.  Marion County Sheriff Candidate Dan Kuhn and a host of local GOP officials filled the hall joining hundreds of enthusiastic supporters.  Candidate Cain outlined his points of governance to standing applause.  Florida launches presidential Candidate Herman Cain.

Update:  Lake Weir Kiwanis Club Heads to Tuscaloosa Alabama with Teddy Bears for the Kids!

Lake Weir Kiwanis and Sheriff Ed Dean  are making headway on the Teddy Bear Express mission.  The Katrina Teddy Bear mission was such a success that the Lake Weir Kiwanis Club mounted a similar effort for the tragic Tuscaloosa Alabama victims.  More...

 Governor Rick Scott sets stage for a new energized Florida Department of Environmental Protection.  Known for Truth and Effective Straight Talk, Hershel Vinyard Jr. appointment is confirmed by the Florida Senate.  Florida's Water Districts scheduled as first priority for budgetary and policy reform.

 One of Herschel Vinyard's first moves was to appoint Melissa Meeker, a former South Florida Water District board member to oversee Regulations, Lobbying, Land Deals, Permitting, and Budgets of Florida's 5 Water Districts.  "So far Secretary Vinyard is batting 1000", Florida Economic Development Council.

Governor Scott has made it clear that Florida needs more control and consistency in Water District policies.  Stewardship and preservation of our water resources are needed if we are to effectively regulate our state environmental assets and Melissa Meeker has been given the task of establishing consistent statewide water policy between the 5 Water Districts.  

Team Conservation Water Czar Muriel Lash gives Ms Meeker "two thumbs up" in her new assignment.  For many years Florida's Water Districts have operated as Regional Empires sometimes issuing conflicting policy rulings in the same county.  Coordination and consistency has become a requirement in modern water policy, for example between Southwest Florida and St Johns Water Management Districts.  In Marion County the two districts are separated by topographic transportation boundary I-75 with conflicting policies and reduced stewardship of the State Waters that flow across and past in the Floridan Aquifer below.  

Withdrawal techniques are sometimes more important than the amount of water that is taken.  Big Gulp 24' wells cause a cone of depletion all the way to the surface that mother nature can't fill.  There is plenty of water but like a giant "milkshake" with the entire football team sucking on a single straw, a cone of collapse forms around the straw.  "In big wells, the cone of depletion forms around the well, draining local surface water bodies", declared noted geologist  Dr. Thomas Kwader. 




Just in:  CFCC returns to an Educational Mission.  Dr Chick Dassance decides to let go of the reigns Central Florida College and inter retirement as a private citizen.  Leaving the regional political role, Dr Dassance is stepping down as the Central Florida Community College president.

  Out of politics CFCC can go back to its charter mission of Education.  Many in the Central Florida Community have struggled to keep Community in our CFCC, Central Florida Community College.  Having a 4 year degree program is only a plus, not an excuse to pretend Our Community College is now a a UCF or UF.  Community Colleges are important as a work force educator, adult education resource and as a launching pad for students that will hopefully go on to major four programs.


Central Florida Public Policy Institute to address the new opportunities that will help the Governor of Florida turn the economy around.

Viva La Florida Launches State Wide Celebration. 

Ocala Cool and Silver Ocala promote World Wide Mineral Water Marketing Campaign



Governor Rick Scott's 2011 Florida Recovery Budget

Scott to Streamline Government.  Contracts such as the Utilities Pollution Community reeducation programs may end. 

Eustis Florida, home of the Central Florida Tea Party movement attended by

Candidates Patricia Sullivan and Don Browning celebrating success at the poles

of State Governor Candidate Rick Scott.  Governor Scott's Recovery plans include Tax Cuts of over $2 billion and

reduced state spending by over $5 billion.

New Jobs Budget will devote over $800 million over two years for Economic Development.

Pension Reform will save taxpayers $2.8 billion over two years. 

Education budget to remain stable - no cuts.

Medicade will save nearly $4 billion over two years with patient-directed system. 

Governor Rick Scott and Secretary of State Kurt Browning signal a Tourism Linkage to Florida's 500 year history.  Viva La Florida a 500 year look forward based on a 500 year history is kick offed by Governor Scott during Heritage Week in Tallahassee.  Kurt Browning retired as Secretary of State ending a long and distinguished career in Florida Government.
500 year celebration of Florida History is a success on several fronts.  Visit Florida, Education, Art depiction of Historic events.  In Ocala, Fort King is in a multi year planing stage to tell the Historic story of Marion County. 

Governor Scott gives the AX to DCA.  Rick Scott's important Economic Development Action shows a clear understanding of the harm done by DCA through Springs Protection and Land Use Plan cover.  Joining with DOT and DEP, the DCA worked to stop economic growth whenever and where ever possible.  Reading the Springs Protection Handbook gives clear instruction as to how DCA was able to stop growth in every county in Florida.  

There is no other single step more important to the economic turn around of Florida than the Killing of DCA, and announcing the move in the Villages.  Marion County's own economic success story often covered up by the Anit Growth papers of Ocala and Gainesville, the Villages is a national Success Story!  Governor Rick Scott takes steps to same His Florida's Economy.   Ocala's high unemployment can learn a great deal from the southern part of Marion County.  

Governor Rick Scott's 2011 Florida Recovery Budget Scott to Streamline Government. Contracts such as the Utilities Pollution Community reeducation programs may end. Eustis Florida, home of the Central Florida Tea Party movement attended by Candidates Patricia Sullivan and Don Browning celebrating success at the poles of State Governor Candidate Rick Scott. Governor Scott's Recovery plans include Tax Cuts of over $2 billion and reduced state spending by over $5 billion. New Jobs Budget will devote over $800 million over two years for Economic Development. Pension Reform will save taxpayers $2.8 billion over two years. Education budget to remain stable - no cuts. Medicade will save nearly $4 billion over two years with patient-directed system.

Feature: Asian Art Retro Exhibit proposed.  A return of Ideas in 2011.  Much of western art has been influenced by Asian prospective journeying to the west and back again in a repeating cycle. 
Florida's Heritage Wading Bird Permanent Traveling Exhibit displays an Asian influence first displayed centuries ago.  China's home of Dr Sun Yat-Sen, the Zhongshan City region  has had traditional links to the west through Macao to the south and Hong Kong to the east.  
 An understanding of Asian - American blending of culture will help our people improve their quality of life.  Take a few moments to enjoy a preview of the MCA Heritage Cultural Exhibit by Don Browning.

VFW Ft McCoy to host 2011 Horst Festival

Nationally shown horses and riders.
VFW Ft McCoy Vets will host world class HorseFest.

2nd Annual Department of FL VFW Retirement Home’s  Veterans Horse Festival

Saturday, March 5, 2011 from 11am – 2pm

Location:  13005 NE 135th Street, Fort McCoy, FL  32134. 

For information call 352-236-0823

or check out the following 2 websites for details and photos from last year’s event and what is coming in 2011. 

The event is FREE and Open to the Public!!  Food and beverages available.

Marion County Public Safety.  Family loses home days before Christmas.  Lake Weir Kiwanis steps in to help coordinate community help.

Artist Don Browning promotes His Florida.  Economic Action Team member Don Browning helps kick start the tourism industry in Central Florida.  Marion County residents join in effort to promote business opportunities in Central Florida

Just in: Marion Sun Times editor and artist Don Browning's art replaced in County Courthouse Display
Don Browning the artist who's work was removed from the courthouse is also editor of the Marion Sun Times. 


More images of the New Marion County Court House by Artist Don Browning.  Ribbon Cutting followed a high quality, under budget construction performance by Moss Construction. 

Gallery East sets the stage for Arts driven Florida Tourism Recovery.  From the Villages to the south to Ocala in the north, Gallery East is the in venue in Central Florida.


Sustainable Development

                                                                   SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT

Kathy Bryant and Carl Zalak are awarded A+ Rating by Tax Watch Florda. 
Vote for Kathy Bryant and Carl Zalak to reform and rescue Marion County.

Vote No on Amendment 4.
Marion Sun Times and Tax Watch Florida Endorses 

 Urban Zones such as Ocala and Gainesville are being told about a cleaner more profitable future as they learn to turn current environmental issues to sound business and growth.  Sewer Effluent and Storm Sewer Runoff has historically been a liability, often discarded into the drinking water aquifer.  Today Urban leaders are turning to a new chapter as they learn about innovation that can eliminate environmental concerns about growth.  Sewer and Storm Sewer Effluent can be a valuable resource if coupled with CO2 and used to grow algae.  Fuel is the outcome and economic growth can take place at a profit.
Additionally, Water currently discharged onto the ground is being eyed to recharge the aquifer rather than discharged to the sea.  Bankers and other businessmen are thrilled at the prospect of actually reducing utility bills for customers by harvesting the nitrates in effluent.
Don Browning is leading a strong and forceful political force to revise business in Central Florida. Jobs, Jobs, and more Jobs is the result of innovative Energy thinking.
Big News in the Arts: 
Florida Heritage Month Celebration.  Bo Diddley and Christopher Still inducted into the Florida Artist Hall of Fame. More: Bo Diddley-Christopher Still-Anastasios "Taso" Karistinos.

Marion County Chamber of Commerce Visits Tallahassee.  Jaye Ballie of Ocala CC.Com The Big 5 Star Ocala Chamber of Commerce represented the Ocala half of the new Ocala Gainesville political group developed by CFCC President Chick Dessance, known as the Heart of Florida.  Marion County was represented by Barbara Fitos, Marion County Board of County Commission Chairman.

The City of Ocala officials were unable to join the City of Gainesville in the political effort of meeting with our legislators.  Ocala City Officials chose not attend as well as most Unincorporated Citizens.




Marion County Day March 18, 2010 in Tallahassee.  Senator Charlie Dean to address concerns about jobs in his Florida.

Eco Friendly Florida turns out to be a photographers Paradise.  Marion County Florida leads as Birding Capital.  Improved tourist income to Florida is welcome in Tallahassee.

The Citizens of Marion County build a new courthouse.  World Class Design and Construction, Historic Documentary Art describes a day in final  construction phase.  Opening 2010.

Florida House Speaker Larry Cretul leads the men's prayer breakfast in a morning prayer near the Ocklawaha River.

Ihmc moves into new facility in Marion County.  Tim Wright Marion County Ihmc Director announced a week of celebration.  Starting with meetings with directors and other world class thinkers Ihmc is hitting the Marion County ground running.

Environmental Issues dominate the News.

Senators meet to figure out how to reduce the sewer and storm water entering the Floridan Aquifer. 

FDEP inherited the Utility Discharge Problem. Solutions are complex. Springs dilute Sewer and Storm Water discharges sending pollutants to the Gulf an Atlantic.

Economic Action Team, Marion County Florida

Springs Protection . Com

Fix Storm Water . Com

Silver Springs Working Group . Com

Browning Environmental . Com

Citizens and Marion County officials put their thinking caps on dealing with concerns about costly Springs Protection solutions.  Secretary Bronson estimates "a possible Billions of Tax Payers Dollars will be needed to reduce Sewer Utility discharge of nutrients into the aquifer?  Old habits die slowly.  Springs Pollution increase in direct correlation to Kanapaha Sewer Plant Discharge practices.  Because of the Isotropic Nature of Water, the sewer effluent spreads in all directions equally.  

Like pouring dye in a large container of water, the color will spread in all directions.  Orlando deposits 50 million gallons daily into the same aquifer.

See Agriculture Commissioner Charles H. Bronson comments on excess nutrients entering the Floridan Aquifer from Utilities.  EPA is requiring FDEP stop illegal dumping by City and Counties Utilities.

For years ACORN Style Community Organizing Groups have been funded by the FDEP but that system is failing bring about reduced pollution.  State revenue problems are drying up funds.  Private Groups are taking up the slack.  Springs Working Group .com is growing, while completely free of state funding.

 Most citizens of Marion County are surprised to learn that Storm Water and Sewer Effluent is discharged into the drinking water aquifer.  Most citizens have no idea that a reduction of Utility Discharge to the Aquifer is needed to reduce nitrates plaguing our springs with algae.


Google "Springs Protection" to get the full story.

Now that the public has now become aware of FDEP regulated Utilities problems, the stage is set to solve pollution.  At the top of the list is Kanapaha Sewer Treatment Plant operated by the City of Gainesville.

Environmental Scientist of the University of Florida know little about where the nitrates go, from the University of Florida.  It now appears that the waste from the university is ending up in the aquifer as part of the 6 million gallons of Sewer Effluent pumped into the Floridan Aquifer Daily.


Both Sewer Effluent and Storm Water Runoff from Gainesville and the University of Florida are entering the Aquifer just south of Gainesville.


EPA may now stop this practice, along with the dumping of Storm Sewer Nutrient Rich Runoff, into the Alachua Sink.


Marion County Environmental Champion Commissioner Stan McClain described recent discussions with elected authorities in Gainesville as a "Cost Saving Measure" when Gainesville Officials decided to dump into Sweet Water Creek and the big Alachua Sink Hole feeding the aquifer. 


With the surface dumping at the Alachua Sink, and the deep dumping mounding to the surface, Marion County Authorities are bracing for a Time Bomb of pollution.  


It is possible that we will never stop the algae problem in Silver and Rainbow Springs states Don Browning, Environmental spokesman for Springs Protection . Com.

You don't need a PhD to do the math.  10 parts per million and up of Total Nitrogen are discharged into the Floridan Aquifer leading to Silver and Rainbow Springs.  1 Part per million of Nitrates is causing a disaster level of Algae in the clear springs waters.  Federal and state drinking water standards allow up to 10 parts per million for nitrates.  Even 1 part per million is currently causing a problem in Florida Springs.  The 10 to 1 Green Problem will only get worse. 

Hopefully, when the University students and professors learn that their sewer effluent is going into the aquifer, they will make the bad management practices stop.  BMP;s are regularly written in Gainesville and the call for old bad management practices to stop in order to introduce best management practices will become a urgent pass-time at the Environmentally Engaged University.

Ocala Florida.  Home to the Famous Silver Springs.  Once a pristene pool of water used for recreation, now Silver Springs is an example of excess Utility Discharge.  Grand fathered BMP's, BAD MANAGEMENT PRACTICES, drain thousands of acres of Storm SEWER Runoff into the aquifer via Limestone pipes to Silver Springs.  Even at the attraction itself, DEP the environmental watch dog for the State of Florida is confronting years of dumping of sewage into the waters of Silver Springs and River.
Citizens are now aware of County and City situations where the protector is losing the pollution battle.  Alachua must discharge Sewer Effluent directly into the Aquifer in order to make a greater profit ends meet at their Sewer Plant facilities.  Examples include the Alachua and Kanapaha Sewer Plants discharging high nitrate sewer affluent into the Drinking Water Aqifer because they have no other place to dispose of the daily volume.   Kanapaha uses a 5 foot pipe to discharge sewage effluent, and Alachua directs its storm water into Sweetwater Creek and then into a sink hole at Paines Prairie.  These systems developed over the last few decades and now are questioned by citizens.

City of Ocala, DEP, DOT and Marion County Pollute.
28 Dump Sites are joined by new Sink Hole Use to Dump.

Radio and Print Media begin to question mixing Storm Sewer Pollution with Drinking Water Aquifer.

State Legislature looks closely at fouled Drinking Water. Storm Sewer and Gainesville Poop Sewer mixing with Drinking Water Aquifer questioned.

City of Ocala and Marion County Storm Water Authorities pipe StormSewer Runoff into Drinking Water Aquifer.  Even the FDEP and St Johns authorities view the pollution with mixed feelings.  A scientist from St Johns Districts states that flooding is the first concern.  Springs are just going to have to suffer.

Utility Rates may have to be increase dramically when Storm Sewer Pollution must be filtered back out of Drinking Water Aquifer water.  The problem is complex.

Mixing Storm Sewer with Clean Drinking Water Aquifer is a gross mistake environmental artist Don Browning told a group of Government Workers.  We must think about filtering before we mix pollutants with drinking water.  Later filtering is much too costly.

Keeping Storm Sewer Pollution in Retention Ponds is the cheap way to filter out contaminents.  Browning described how the City of Ocala Drainage Pipes mix pollutants with the Drinking Water Aquifer.  City Storm Water engineer Bruce Phillips and County Storm Water experts had no estimates on the tonnage of pollutants entering the Drinking Water Aquifer in and around Ocala.  Utility customers are up in Arms over the possibility of extra costs to filter out the Storm Sewer pollution currently being sent into sink holes leading to the Drinking Water Aquifer.

Authorities are in a bind, on one hand dumping and allowing Dumping of Algae Growing Nitrates into Sink Holes will result in more pollution, but it also prevents flooding.  These same authorities then claim the Springs are Threatened with Algae Growth, but Springs are polluted in just a few hours as the clean water joins the river on the trip to the ocean.  One Springs Specialist suggested capturing just a small part of clean spring water for recharge is a better solution.  Let the utilities discharge high nutrient sewer effluent into the springs because it saves money.  

County Commissioners asked for Tonnage figures dumping into Silver River.  Storm Sewer Drainage from over 1400 acres currently dumps into Silver River about 10 feet below where water quality is checked by scientist.  The 1200 meter test site should have been another 10 or 15 feet down stream suggested this editor.  Dr. Bob Knight elected not to comment for this story, however as lead scientist on the St Johns 50 year Retro Study of Silver Springs he was key to missing the Nitrate Dumping By The City of Ocala into Silver River and Silver Springs.  The Study may need an update.  Marion County Commissioners now know that Springs Protection must start with the Storm Sewer Dumping in the Regulation Exempt Pollution Zone of Ocala.  The question is how much are cities like Gainesville, Ocala and Orlando willing to spend to clean up our springs.

 Silver Springs Attraction has allowed discharge of oil laden storm sewer runoff to go directly into the Silver Springs and River for many years.  Should we stand for this? Some environmental experts say yes, the cost of retention ponds is too great.  Flooding is also a concern for retention ponds without drains to the aquifer.  Discharge of a large volume of Sewer Waste dumped into water surrounding Silver Springs is now questioned after documentation last year by The Marion Sun Times. Charged with protecting the springs for the people of Florida, DEP has struggled with pollution on the property for many years, all the while heading up the Springs Protection Initiative for the Legislature and the people of Florida.  FDEP is in a difficult position.


  Inaction by State, City and County authorities is not an option that is acceptable to citizens of Marion County, and it is not an option that is acceptable to many legislators.  Perhaps harvesting of high nitrate effluents and storm water is the best solution, and a better option.

We essentially need a huge new historic recovery plan to stop the polluters.  We can not continue with the pollution growing greater. Trust in government is at risk.   Natural or Man Made Sink Holes have been added to the bottom of nearly all Drainage Systems causing massive Algae Growth in Silver Springs.  Environmental Artist, Don Browning said; " if you look at nearly every springs or shore line around the state you will find a link to Storm Sewer nitrate dumping."  It is not acceptable to me, and certainly not acceptable to the citizens of Florida to cause pollution and then benefit financially from the pollution. Perhaps we can reevaluate the problem and use the high nutrient pollution as fertilizer thereby saving our clean water resources.

Like Firemen starting fires, Dumping by City Wrong
New 17th Retention Pond is built on several Sink Holes.
Rinker Clean Out Pit Dumping to Aquifer.
City of Ocala, DOT and DEP must be more Accountable.

Media Takes on the Fight for honesty in Springs Protection Mess.  FM 89.5 Bobby Dobkowski asks for Better Stewardship of our springs.  Honesty in government is critical Said Bobby D.  Dumping into the Aquifer at the New 17th Street Storm Sewer Project is going to add to the threat of Silver Springs.  Utility Costomers of the City of Ocala will be asked to solve these terrible pollution practices.  Who is asleep at the switch in Ocala and Tallahassee?
Bobby D is Producing a new Environmental Show with Don Browning visiting the popular radio show on the 1st Wed of each month.

DEP Secretary Mike Sole is struggling to gain control of a very problematic Springs Protection Movement.  Often described as the "Fireman Starting Fires to become more Important", Cities, Counties and private companies have joined in a massive cover up of Nitrate Tonnage Dumping into the ground water near Springs.  The resulting algae growth is held up as a reason these groups must secure more funding.

This Dysfunctional System was well in place before Mike Sole took over as chief of DEP.  Citing growing pollution of our springs state wide, this Springs Protection Faction is covering up the pollution sources in order to gain continued funding.  Anti-growth Anti-development sentiment and Environmental Groups are duped into thinking it is the general population that is causing the pollution.  Marion Springs Protection efforts have now introduced Land Use Comprehensive Plans that control growth all across Marion County.  At the center of the effort to change and restrict the comprehensive land use plan in Marion County is the City of Ocala.



Marion Sun Times uncovers conspiracy to pollute Silver Springs in order to secure funding to clean it up.  DEP Secretary Mike Sole has his hands full.

 For decades the tonnage of Nitrates shipped to Silver Springs By the Silver Springs Attraction Lessee, and the City of Ocala has been increasing.  Mike Sole is fighting a losing battle hoping to clean up the springs pollution caused by Storm Sewer Systems in Ocala.  DOT, the department of transportation is at the center of decades of pollution to Silver Springs.  Stopping DOT from threating the springs is not possible it seems.  State wide Drainage Pipes were King for Decades.

Even St. Johns River Water Management District and other government authorities are unable to correct the Fraud brought on by years of drilling sink holes called drainage wells to dump City Runoff into the Aquifer.  Usually the "Funky Stuff" loaded with algae growing nitrates lies in a plumb below a city, not noticed.  But in the case of Marion County, a great deal of the pollution flushes out at the first magnitude Silver Springs and Rainbow Springs.

 Not able to stop the pollution, the DEP authorities developed a plan to ask the Legislature to fund a program called Springs Protection Initiative.  DEP became the police and were able to cover up the actual pollution source.  Now after thousands of tons of nutrients have caused a chronic algae bloom in our springs,  Government paid employees at City, County, Water District and State levels are dependent on threatened springs in order to secure and expand their funding.


Even private companies such as Pandion Systems has grown dependent on the Storm Sewer Pollution of Silver Springs and Silver River.  Using Silver Springs as a key example the Springs Working Group Spokesman arm of DEP has become an un-registered lobbying group.  Top on their agenda is organizing anti-growth, political factions across the state to bring pressure on Legislators for more political control and funding.

Marion Springs Protection is everyone's business.

Learn about the pollution of our Silver Springs by the City of Ocala.

 Water Test Results Ordered by the Marion County Commission, for Nitrate contamination show Marion County Aquifer Clean.

Click below to know more about Springs Protection.  See more on Well Testing. We have good news.  Yes, we wasted a lot of money before we looked closely, but we did look and now we know we have Plentiful Water, And Clean Water!

Based on Findings on the Chemical Analysis of Water and Wastes,  concerns about lawn fertilizers or Septic Systems are put to rest.  Stop the Protection Zones, end the scare tatics of the private sector.  

Click here for Marion County Link.

Click here to know more about the Water Test

Sewer from the extensive animal exhibit is dumping into the Silver River and seeping into Silver Springs.  The many studies funded by the landlord DEP failed to mention the polluting from the attraction sewer problems and the city of Ocala dumping into 28 drainage wells and several sink holes just above the famous springs.

We the citizens of Florida own Silver Springs.  The lease requires the lessee to meet current environmental standards.  The lease is in default.  It is time for DEP to step up and solve the environmental issues caused by the Attraction Management and the City of Ocala leading to excess Algae in Silver Springs.


Dumping of Storm Sewer Runoff into the Aquifer above violates all Environmental Standards.  Many organizations benefit by sending storm sewer runoff to Silver Springs.  If the springs stay fouled with Algae, The City of Ocala is able to churn up popular support for new Environmental Regulation out in the rest of Marion County.  Yes, you heard right.  Pollution goes in to the springs from Ocala, yet it is the citizens out side of Ocala that are regulated by the resulting Springs Protection Ordinance.  Ocala and Dunnellon are exempt from Marion Springs Protection Laws.  Can you believe it?

The real problem with Ocala pollution to Silver Springs is the loss of the once popular Attraction.  Yes, it is just about out of business.  The Department of Environmental Protection has let the standards laps, and now acre upon acre of parking sends oil laden runoff directly into the Silver Springs and River.

Sewer from the animals is liquidised and sent to a pool surrounding the Springs.  Algae growth and insect larva reduction from the oil on the water causes a loss of natural food supply for fish in the river and springs.


Learn about new proposals that almost became LAW.  Yes, they were about to be considered as new law in Marion County.  These proposed laws would have impacted almost every aspect of your daily life.  A small group who intended to do a service to the community, instead went down an erroneous path that ended blaming normal citizens, home owners for problems down in the Silver Springs Basin. 

The group proposing new Law, thought nitrate levels in Silver Springs were being caused by homeowners all across Marion County.

The Springs Protection Zone hurts Marion County and does not help the Springs.  As each Citizen reads the proposals it becomes apparent that much is amiss.  Our Commissioners stopped the nonsense and rejected the program just in time.

For comments about the proposed new laws concerning irrigation, Lawns, Home Building, Septic Tanks, Water, Farming, Nitrates, contact the Editor of Marion Springs Protection.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Kanapaha Sewer Effluent Discharge Problem

News stories, editorials and general discussion about how to help Gainesville Utilities help us all.

Problem:  Too much water produced in Sewerage Operation known as Kanapaha Sewer Plant.  Discharged daily into the aquifer rather shallow pollution is showing up in our rivers and springs.  Brad Rogers has jumped on board the Marion Sun Times effort to help GRU be a better environmental citizen.  The River is Slimed by Brad Rogers bring to the forefront the Algea problem caused by discharge of high nitrate effluent into the water we drink and also feeds our rivers and springs.

Alachua actually has some environmentalist but they have spend decades struggling with the discharge from Gainesville to local rivers and down to Marion County's famous Silver and Rainbow Springs.  Often Ocala's drainage wells that discharge storm water to about 50 feet under Ocala business and homes is blamed for the high nitrates in Silver Springs, but the real volume source is Gainesville's Kanapaha Sewage plant holding the high pollution honors at 10 Million Gallons Daily.

 Recent comment on Brad's highlighting the Alachua problem with Slime and joining Springs Protection's effort to build a Silver Springs Alliance.  Springs Protection and Save Silver Springs are joining Silver Springs Working Group to form a new Silver Springs Alliance.

Brad Rogers is to be commended for bringing forward the Alachua connection to our pollution.  Gainesville's Kanapaha Sewer plant discharges 10 million gallons of high nitrate processed sewer effluent into the shallow aquifer daily.  Most of the discharge sites are lined down to 200 feet and then the Processed Effluent goes in all directions.  Most of the nitrates show up in our Silver and Rainbow Springs, however a lot goes to local Alachua springs that now have a serious Slime problem.  

There are many sources of pollution but big volume utilities are on the top of the list.

See last weeks article on the Perry Cattle solution in the Star Banner for a solution to utility discharge into the aquifer.

Helping to reduce the Kanapaha pollution would be to use some of the already discharged Silver and Rainbow Springs water to help rebuild the aquifer.  Billion Gallons waste is cited as the worlds finest water is allowed to run to the sea daily.  Yes, it is a billion gallons daily.  Valueing even a small part of that waste would help farmers, citizens and taxpayer.  Recently Government Officials toured Marion County visiting the Perry Ranch and Farms in West Marion

Editor, Marion Sun Times 


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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Marion County Day, Tallahassee- March 18th 2010

Remember Marion County Day.  We have great legislators helping to make sense of the downturn in the Economy.  Non-Elected agencies and organizations have taken over control of policy in the State of Florida.

County Commissioners are now more about nuts and bolts of operating the their counties rather than setting the people's policy.  DCA, FDEP, St Johns Water Management District, Swift Mud, Withalacoochee Water Authority, springs working groups, selected scientist,Wave, DOT, EDC, Heart of Florida, Ocala, and Gainesville, all have a stronger influence on Marion County policy than the Marion County Commissioners.


Doesn't seem possible but an issue on, for example a building subdivision is already determined by what was done years before by non elected policy setters.  The dysfunction of this is causing citizens to wonder if we actually have a representative form of government.  Hometown Democracy has a chance to take hold because citizens feel out of touch.  In Marion County the Ocala Star Banner and the President of the community college, form Heart of Florida, giving policy power to Ocala and Gainesville, at the expense of Marion County citizens.


New efforts are coming into play such as Discover Marion County, and the new Marion County Chamber of Commerce, and the new Heart of Florida in order to empower Marion County Citizens.


Don Browning


2:01 am est 

Monday, October 5, 2009

New Issues Emerge Concerning Nitrites in Florida's Aquifer

 Editorial Opinion by Editor Don Browning

Utility Dumping is Costing Taxpayers Billions!

Florida Commissioner Charles H. Brunson has entered the fray with EPA and Floridans.  Who has the right to dump into sink holes and drainage wells?  The question is being asked all across the State of Florida. 

Silver Springs is the premier Florida Springs Treasure and it is suffering under about 1 part per million nitrate pollution.  Sewer Utilities daily dump directly into the Aquifer 10 parts per million of Sewer Effluent.  Yes, 10 parts per million is within the drinking water standards, but still very harmful to springs. 

It only takes 1 part per million to grow algae at problem levels according to scientist Dr. Bob Knight's recent study, of 50 years Retro viewing of the Springs.  St Johns Water Management District Scientist agree that 1 part per million is too much nitrate for healthy springs to absorb.  If that is the case why are we dumping 10 parts per million at DEP approved dump sites?


The State of Florida has spent millions of tax payers dollars hoping to educate the public, and hoping to locate the location of the nitrate pollution.

Hired as spokesmen/coordinators, ACORN type Community Organizers have been changing the political landscape in communities all across Florida, but especially in Central Florida.  These groups are costing the state considerable tax dollars while distracting the public from the real polluters.

Now we find out that it wasn't the people doing the polluting after.  Sure there is the occasional commercial enterprise that is practicing Bad Management Practices.  But, no one even comes close to the utilities and DOT as the prime "point source polluters".

Commissioner Charles H. Bronson estimates it will take billions to stop the utilities from dumping nitrates into the aquifer.  

 We believe it will be much easier to clean up the dumping if we just one up to the point source sites.  For example, the City of Ocala has 28 Drainage Wells just minutes by underground stream from Silver Springs.

The City of Ocala and Marion County were caught dumping 3 truck loads of Nitrate into the Silver River for decades.  The dump site entered the Silver River just a yards down stream from the famous 1200 meter test site used by Dr. Knight in the St Johns River 50 year Retro Study.  Somehow the scientist missed the dumping point as a point source for the pollution they were looking to measure.  If we can notice the big dump sites used by sewer and storm sewer utilities, we can stop the nitrate pollution in short order.

Just up stream is Alachua Utilities dumping millions of gallons of nutrient rich Sewer Effluent into the Aquifer daily.  6 million gallons is too much for mother nature to deal with as the Nitrogen streams to the clear, pristine Silver and Rainbow Springs.  

 Citizens are beginning to complain.  Can change be far behind?  We sure hope so.

Many Springs Protection Bills surface each year, always missing the big polluters.  Sometimes the bills are just put forward as a defence against some other legislator who would present a stronger bill.  Sometimes the bills are simple grandstanding.  A transparent hope to create an environmental sounding legacy.

Solution:  Use all the nutrient rich waste water now being dumped as irrigation water.  That will keep nitrates out of the Aquifer, and save potable water from being pumped out of the Floridan Aquifer for irrigation.  Double Benefit.







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